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Maintaining a Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought Iron Fence Maintenance

A wrought iron fence is often an integral part of a home. The only disadvantage is that they do rust easily and need to be refinished in order to remain looking fresh.

  • Choose a warm, dry day to paint your fence, and never start painting when the surface is wet or when the humidity is too high.
  • Cover the floor with some drop cloths to protect against any splatters and drips. For fences and railings, make sure the ground, walls, and surrounding surfaces are properly protected by drop cloths and some painter’s tape.
  • Clean the metal using a vinegar/water solution, or use water that has a mild detergent in it and a brush to scrub off dirt and grime. Use a bleach/water solution to remove any mildew or mold that is present.

Completely remove any old flaking paint and rust, allowing the new coat of paint to adhere properly. The surface must be free of anything that can interfere with adhesion. Remove both rust and paint with a stiff wire brush. An emery board can also be used to sandpaper the railings because of their flexibility. Remove the sanding dust as you go also, and make sure you can see bare metal where the rust was removed.

Spray the wrought iron with a primer that is specifically made for metals that offers the smoothest coverage results. For the best results, consider applying two coats. When spraying, use a brush to keep painting over the paint before it starts to dry, as this will help to work in the paint for better adhesion and will also smooth out any drips. Allow the primer to dry for at least 24 hours.

Spray paint or use with a small to medium-sized brush. Spray painting will finish the job quickly and offers better coverage and a smooth finish. And for the best results, apply a second coat within an hour of applying the first one, and leave this to dry for at least 24 hours before using.

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