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How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence Installation Maintenance Tips

A chain link fence installation comes with all the essential qualities you need. They are durable, affordable, and secure. And another quality that endears this to residential and commercial property owners is they very rarely need any maintenance.

The exterior environment, however, is tough on anything that can rust. The weather in your area may get very wet, which doesn’t help either. So despite its durability, a chain link fence still benefits from some maintenance, to ensure it lasts even longer and continues to look just as good.

Here are tips on how to maintain a chain link fence:

Keeping The Fence Clean

Chain link fences do trap a great deal of dirt and debris due to their unique design. While this will not immediately damage the fence, it can make it look unkempt.

Too much dust and debris will trap moisture too, which eventually results in your fence rusting. Make it a habit to clean your fence regularly, you can either hose it down or, if it is oily, lightly scrub with wire steel and some soapy water.

Don’t Allow Trees To Grow Through

Chain link fences don’t damage easily, however, if you allow vines to grow through them, they won’t hold up as well. Yes, all that greenery may look appealing on the fence, however, the cost is the structural integrity of the fence.

Maintain A Fireguard

While fire will not do that much damage to a chain-link fence, it can weaken, making it less structurally sound. The steel wire will become soft and will break easily. On top of this, fire removes the galvanized finish which protects the fence against rusting.

To protect your fence against fire, clear the immediate surroundings of anything that can burn. Better still, maintain a fireguard.

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