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Fence Repair Tips

A Fence Exposed to Strong Winds

The type of fence panel you choose can really make all the difference to whether it will be able to withstand strong winds. The likes of semi-solid or slatted fence panels are good for aesthetics and have less wind resistance, which means fewer fence repair projects in your future. Venetian, Canterbury Combi, and Louvre all provide varying degrees of wind resistance, and come with gaps between the panels that will allow air to pass through, and still offers some privacy and protection.

Installing a fence in a location that is prone to windy conditions sadly does not come with a universal solution. Many different options are available, and the choice will depend on what your requirements are.

Installing a fence in a windy area without losing privacy

Semi-solid or slatted panels are the obvious choice, however, most people prefer the privacy offered by solid fence panels.

More than likely, if a standard solid fence is installed with standard posts, weak clips are used to attach the panels to the posts, and minimal amounts of concrete, then it should come as no surprise that the first gust of strong wind will ensure your fence will blow over.

Wind resistant privacy fencing

If you want more privacy than a slatted fence panel can offer, choose one that has been specifically designed for areas that receive a great deal of wind. Both Hit and Miss and Venetian Hit and Miss panels provide the same design of slatted fence panels, however, come with additional panels to create a more private area, while still allowing air to pass through it.

Wind resistant demarcation fencing

If you only need a fence for demarcation purposes; there are numerous shorter fences that can offer good wind resistance and still maintain pleasant aesthetics.

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